A medical pre-operative consultation helps patients to prepare for an upcoming operation. It includes testing, a medical history evaluation, and more. At Coastal Anti-Aging Medical Group, Dr. Chong Kim prepares every patient by conducting an extensive, detailed pre-operative consultation with necessary testing to ensure your body is ready for your surgery. If you’re worried about an upcoming surgery, prepare yourself and call or book online to visit the office in Torrance, California.

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What is a medical pre-operative consultation?

Before surgery, it’s necessary for you to have a medical pre-operative consultation to make sure you’re fully informed and ready for your procedure. It’s your chance to meet with Dr. Kim and ask any questions you might have.

What can I expect at my medical pre-operative consultation?

Dr. Kim will give you plenty of time to ask questions and discuss your upcoming surgery. The Coastal Anti-Aging Medical team will also ask you questions. That’s just another precaution to ensure every angle is covered and both you and the medical team are prepared.

The medical pre-operative consultation is usually conducted within the month before surgery to stay up-to-date with your health and any new problems that may arise that might interfere.

You’ll go over your medical history with Dr. Kim and have a physical exam. The goal is to make sure that you’re ready for the surgery. You’ll likely have to undergo specific tests, including:

  • A chest X-ray to check your lungs
  • An EKG or an electrocardiogram to check your heart
  • Blood tests to make a blood count and check your kidney, liver, and blood sugar levels

You may have to undergo additional testing depending on:

  • Your age
  • The type of surgery
  • Your existing health conditions

How can I prepare for my operation?

You’ll need to make any necessary travel arrangements. If you need someone to take care of you following your surgery, you should plan ahead so you can relax and recover.

Wear suitable clothing and follow any instructions Dr. Kim and his team gives you. Make sure you’re both physically and mentally prepared for your operation. You may need to refrain from eating, drinking, or taking certain medications in the time preceding your surgery.

You may also need to remove makeup, body piercings, and nail polish, depending on the type of surgery. This is mainly a precaution to prevent the interference of bacteria from negatively impacting any pre-operative testing you may need.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Kim or a member of the Coastal Anti-Aging Medical Group if you have any concerns. The team is here to make your surgery go as smoothly as possible and give you the best results. Call or book your appointment with Dr. Kim online.